Wir haben Lesungen veranstaltet.

Hier liest Birgrit:

"Mein Vater war ein Iwan"



Beide Filme werden nach dem Ende wiederholt.

Damit soll der unpassende Werbeblock verhindert werden.

"Anton: "Actually..."

Actually, I have seven fathers. That’s how many fell over my mother.


Actually, we – she and I – should not be alive. The last one wanted to shoot her.


Actually, only one of the seven stopped him. I wish he were my father.


Actually, I still cannot talk about it. But

it comes out of me like a scream.


Actually, I want some help. Maybe I will

still be able to talk. Before I die.


            Maybe ….


Übersetzung Prof. Dr. A. Schwartz, Ottawa













Anton: Eigentlich


Deutsche Fassung