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I have a livelong dream that I will find my unknown father, maybe it will come true


There must be somewhere in the world someone who knows:

Major Josif Aronowitsch Agav, born September 12, 1908 in Witebsk - Russia, lived in Gorki, former Nishni Novgorod, he is Jewish and was married to Maria Wladimirowna Agav, they had two daughters, Irina, born 1933, and Maria, born 1940.


Dr. Agav was as medical doctor in charge of the interment camp 7533 in Preussisch Eylau (Bagrationowsk) Eastprussia from approx. 1945 - 1948 together with his wife Maria Wladimirowna, who was also a member of the ambulance corps, and together they saved many lives in the camp, including my mother Olga Fregin. Preussisch Eylau - Bagrationowsk is approx. 40 km away from Koenigsberg (Kaliningrad), the former Capital of East Prussia.


It is very important for me to find him or relatives.Maybe he is my father.

Maybe there is someone who looks similar as me - Renate Fregin.

Pictures of my old days:

Latest News June 27 -2017


Grandson and Renate are in touch via Skype.

A DNA test will be made and then we will know...


A visit may happen in fall this year.




My mother Olga Fregin,

before 1945 and after the camp in 1948