Renate W. is very happy. She met her two brothers December 9 in Moscow. Thanks to the first Russian TV. They made this miracle possible.

This event is here on screen. Scroll to 27:46 and watch the first meeting.


Thistleflower: There are some people worldwide, who ordered the pdf.

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Dear all,

The Portuguese journalist Catarina Gomez is interested in CBOW in Indonesia. Does anyone have answers to the following questions:

Can you tell how many Dutch military served in Indonesia during the colonial war?

Is there an estimate on the number of mixed children?

What happened to the children after independence?

I've read there was a genocide of eurasiatics during 1945-46. Can you confirm this?

If you have any information you may contact Catarina directly at Catarina Gomes

She also published a very interesting article on CBOW in West Africa Guinea-Bissau:

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